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A beauty company with conviction. Conviction that cosmetics can and should do more. Because women deserve more. So we created luxury-infused makeup that does it all… at once. Color + Skin Nourishment + Sun Protection in each & every cosmetic. Our 100 % Healthy makeup uses custom-refined zinc and titanium and luxury grade pigments and ingredients to give you noticeably lasting beauty™.

Colorescience is not only doctor-recommended but we are also consistently make-up artist requested. So yes, you’ll see us in dermatologist’s offices but we’re also on set all over Hollywood too. How can that be you might wonder? The truth is derms have to fix what happens when you don’t protect your skin and makeup artists have to cover what happens when the wrong kinds of makeup with bad news ingredients are used day after day. The fact is that our hyper meticulous formulations … and yes, we are experts in skin research and can’t help but be meticulous … are designed to ensure that beauty today also means beauty tomorrow, next year .. and next decade.

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Simply put, we believe that women should never have to compromise. Women should especially never have to compromise health for beauty. Our mission is to help you protect your most important asset, your skin. Fact: Colorescience sets the standard for 100% healthy luxury cosmetics. Breathable, blendable, luxuriously soft and full of the best skin research in the world. Made in the U.S.A. from high-integrity minerals, pigments and nourishing ingredients, Including: antioxidants, peptides, breathable zinc and titanium dioxide. Because protection today means beautiful skin tomorrow.


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The Colorescience Difference is in our commitment to exceptionally healthy formulations. Our proprietary refining process lets us make all-in-one infused cosmetics so extraordinarily fine and light, your skin is able to breathe freely. Values do matter and we are deeply proud of our commitment to 100% healthy skin.


Colorescience will always stand for a better kind of beauty, bringing together skin protection, nourishment and superior color and texture together in every single product. We can and do promise you a better kind of beautiful because our all-in one cosmetics and suncare products are a better kind of formulation.
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